Friday, September 2, 2011

When things go wrong they go seriously wrong

I was admitted to hospital recently and given a cocktail of medicines against my wishes. Today I thought I was good enough to go!. I took out some art work that I thought I could do while I was watching TV. I have been having some wobbles, but I thought I had them under control. I decided to paint all the borders of paintings that I have done over the months with black borders. Well before  long I bumped over a bottle of black paint that went EVERYWHERE. All over my persian carpet, my beautiful couch, my clothes  my jersey I was wearing and all over me... my face, my hair everywhere.

Let me tell you about my daughters. I have 3 of them. The eldest arrived to bring me some meds from the chemist, she saw what  looked like, said nothing and her reaction was to tell me how to perhaps clean it. She didn't looked shocked although I was covered in paint.
My second daughter, had she arrived, would have been in with all kinds of cleaning material. she would have taken all my dirty clothes put them in the washing machine and she would have wanted to see everything sorted and under control.  My youngest.... would have been on the floor laughing. She would  have taken out her camera, taken a picture of my new black hair, laughed her head off and done nothing to help me fix he problem.

I love my girls..... but I would like to see my Persian carpet clean... any ideas?

Oh I forgot to mention. After this catastrophe I thought I would relax and finish a painting that I had been working on for some time. I set up my workspace, nice and clean on my dinning room table. I put some turps into an old yogart container and started painting. The next think I notice if that all my oil paint is messed everywhere, there is turps everywhere and all of a sudden  I realise that turps eats trough plastic. I don't want to describe the mess..... so I did the best to clean up and that was me for the day !!!!!

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