Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Backgrounds on Blogs

I have realised, not that I didn't know it already, that I HATE READING INSTRUCTIONS. When I am trying to do something I want the 123 and not some technical jargon that I have no idea what it means. The minute I see all ?/hp ^ @#$ = XYZ.. I get in a complete state and my mind says I CAN'T DO THIS. I am sure the left hemisphere of my brain does not exist! I think I would make a great teacher... to grade 1's. because that is how I like to learn. If anyone can give me the 123 as how to place a background to my blog it would be greatly appreciated! I have made a background according to all the instructions, but putting it onto my blog is another story. I am not one who enjoys spending hours to try and do something... I guess I just don't have the time, so short and sweet works for me.


Joyce Daniels said...

I am with you there. My blog is still the plain vanilla kind. I've been visiting sites that offer free templates and trying to figure it all out. If I find one that is in plain language (English, not HTML) I will let you know.

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LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

I love the background yo have now. It is beautiful. I'm trying to figure out how to place my own design also on my blog. Currently I am using a freebie, but it's not my favorite pick with my header.