Friday, March 29, 2013

Persisting Nightmares?

this comes a little surprise I know but 8 years later and the nightmares still persist. Not as often as before, but I do still have them occasionally. Unlike in the past when I woke up either screaming or crying out loud, my nightmares now are intense but over fairly quickly and I am very aware that it is part of the recovery from PTSD and I am told might continue on and off for the rest of my life. I hope not.
I don't want this to sound discouraging, there is little we can do about memories but after many years of struggling the nightmares were the most persistent, but it has been months now since I had the last and at least all the other symptoms are long past. No longer do I suffer with extreme anxiety, nor do I fear bumping into my abuser or anyone of his many allies. My days are calm, normal and I function as well as anyone else I know. So be of good cheer :o)
After a total of 25 years of abuse through two marriages, it isn't surprising that for me it has taken a lot longer than it needed to. Had I known earlier that I was suffering with PTSD there is so much I could have done to heal. May I recommend that if you are reading this, that you seek out professional treatment and don't think that you have to handle the recovery on your own.

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