Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hi to all those who visit and revisit my blog.
2012 has gone by so quickly it has left me spinning. I had this amazing feeling in January that something really good was going to happen this year and some wonderful things have happened, but I am still expecting more. I used to journal on my blogs quite a bit and share all the interesting things that I was doing on a fairly regular basis, but due to all the different things I am involved in, one by one I had to create new blogs and separate the various things that will interest different people.

This blog is no longer going to be about my recovery or anything to do with abuse I have created a separate blog for those of you who are looking for help and are not interested in what painting I did last week, or where my children are flitting off to on holiday.

http://abuseisnoexcuse.blogspot.com/ I will be posting information on the blog as and when I find information for you and will share some of your stories if you let me. So if you need to be amongst people who understand fully what domestic violence, child abuse, depression and suicide are all about pop over the that blog and we will always be there to try and help.

This blog will eventually become a magazine with all kinds of interesting things for anyone who wants to just drop by and see what I am up to. I have a few more blogs which I have also separated to be more specialized and specific.

If you would like to see more of my blogs here is a list of them.
Abuse is no excuse. Is for anyone who wants to understand domestic violence or needs help.
Peace of Art. Is where you will find all my digital art.
Caryl Park My art work in oils, water colour and mixed media.
Passion for Pewter Says it all. I love doing pewter and I will be posting patterns here for everyone
Coming soon a new blog for ALL JOURNAL LOVERS.

Ciao for now.


A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Caryl
I just popped over here from Cloth and Clay which I have been a member of since the fall of 2008. I saw your blog highlighted and I am very impressed. I am also interested in your blog about domestic abuse. It probably is not as uncommon as it seems. I will certainly view your other blogs too. My blog is 'A Magical Whimsy' which I began in March of 2011. http://amagicalwhismy.blogspot.com/ which of course I know you can come to my blog via this comment section.
I have a feeling I will be coming here often and to your other blogs too. I feel a kindred spirit connection here as I used the same banner you have for my own blog. I do adore Waterhouse, and John Singer Sargent. My own younger brother is an author and children's book illustrator. You can connect to his blog from a link on my blog side bar.
Looking forward to more inspiration from you too!
Be Blessed
Teresa in California

Snowbrush said...

I'm in awe of people who have multiple blogs because it's all I can do to keep up with one blog and its readers.