Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So Sorry !

I feel like such a creap. It has been a while since I was here, just been really busy with a whole lot lately which I will be able to share fairly soon I hope, all going well. I am working on a new product for retail outlets, which is very exciting. I am sure you will love it.
This blog was started for people who visit my website to see how my progress has been since my divorce... shew can you believe it was 6 years ago! Well that part of my life is so far behind me now that I barely think about those days anymore, so it's all good.
There are still people who contact me from my website and it sadens me to hear everyone's stories, but I am always here to encourage and share when ever it is needed.
So, for now please pop in now and again to see what I am up to. Hope you are all well and that life is being kind to you.

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